Getting Home…The Wrong Way.

Well, it’s been 3 days now, and far from giving in, forum member Gavyn Mackenzie and his chum Mark have been pushing like mad things along their South Coast route. The first day they skated over 40 miles, the second they got from Hastings To Folkestone in awesome time, and today, they’ve been flying! They’re due to roll into Canterbury tomorrow.

There will be numerous stories to come out upon, we all trust, their safe return, with some pretty hilarious pictures too. So far, Gav is sounding very stoked where they are in Broadstairs, even though he’s suffering a little blister situation just now. In fact, he pushed switch all day, teetering as he went, to get through it! Thankfully today’s terrain let them off with a total of 15 miles of sweet downhill push-free times out of 40, as well as some smooth roads courtesy of that all important thing – local knowledge.

The boards are suffering some delamination issues thanks to the horrendous rain of the first day out of Brighton, but the riders are going great guns, with big legs, and hungry stomachs – carbolicious and pub are the words du jour just now. Living the life, lads!

They’re raising money for a great cause, and it’s brilliant to see some really skilled UK skaters giving distance a try, and loving it. Hooray!

If you’re interested in doing a distance trip, and want some advice, why not head over to the Skatefurther forum? You’re never likely to meet a band of more friendly and patient souls, and whether your challenge is 10 miles or 1000…this place just wants you to get there in one piece.

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