And there I rode. It was about 10:30 in the morning when I sat in my car thinking to myself: “Let’s do this!” RACE DAY, an event organized by Thomas Slager, has come upon us. It was the 27th of September.

At about eleven in the morning I was the first to arrive at the track. The organisers had arranged for us to use the bicycle track at ‘RWV De Spartaan’ in Rijswijk. A round 500m track that could be extended to about 1.5 km, that was our working ground for the day.

As I sat on the track, switching my setup, a car rolled up. Thomas, his mom and his sister got out and I started preparing the track for racing. We weren’t long in the process when the other contenders started coming in. Besides being fun it was also a very social happening. After the registrations – I was number 69, of course – we started with a 500m sprint. A messy happening, but we’ve kept the amount of crashes to a bare minimum of two. Nobody died!

When we registered we also made teams of three people, for the relay race! Unfortunately I did not compete in this myself because of a calf trauma, not stretching is dangerous.
I did, however, compete in the 5k race. Which was won by Rick Pronk. 9th place was reserved for me. All rankings are listed on the bottom of the post.

Of course Raceday was about more than just racing. A Redbull Mini rode on the track and we made some sick pictures with it. Also we all had the opportunity to check out the new V|Bomb that Lennart had made.  Afterwards we went to Sickboards Longboard Shop in The Hague and hung out a bit more. A fitting end to an amazing day.

All in all I would say it was a fantastic day. The weather was amazing, the vibe was amazing and everyone pushed or pumped themselves through the roof! Thanks to everyone who was there to make this day as amazing as it was!CoverResults for the 5k:

1st Rick Pronk  – time: 12.00
2nd Lennart Van de Peppel  –  time: 12.08
3rd Shumie Loo  –  time: 12.38
4th Jeff Klaver –  time: 12.44
5th Luutse Brouwer  –  time: 13.51
6th Patrick van Berkel  –  time: 14.07
7th Rosanne de Lange –  time: 14.09
8th Nathan Vervoort –  time: 14.45
9th Albert Groen –  time: 16.30


For the relay race:

Winning team: Rick Pronk, Lennart Van de Peppel and Luutse Brouwer  –  time: 10.02
2nd place: Shumie Loo, Pat van Board and Nathan Vervoort                     –  time: 10.22
3rd place: Jeff Klaver, Merel Dijkhuis and Rosanne de Lange                    –  time: 11.00
4th place: Jermi Brussee, Martien Schackmann and Thomas Slager         –  time: 11.26


And the 500m sprint:

1st Jeff Klaver  –  time: 1.03
2nd Rick Pronk  –  time: 1.04
3rd Shumie Loo  – time: 1.05



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