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Michael DB Levy recently caught our eye with his trip from The Long Push to Ibiza and it only seemed right that we ask him to join us here as SkateFurther as a contributor. Welcome to the team ControversialMike!


It’s nice to have some purpose. Don’t get me wrong, the overall beauty of a long distance push off into the horizon is the freedom but there are those moments when you look down at your trembling legs and back to the map to notice there’s still another 50 km of headwind to deal with and think… “why on earth am I doing this?”.

The uncertainty. The simplicity. One task. One aim. It’s an accomplishment. An adventure. A story to be shared. It’s letting everything go, breaking away and crucially… it involves a skateboard.
The art of grabbing a backpack and a board and disappearing into the distance fueled usually with a temper and a final letter from you employer is a rapidly growing sport. There are many stories to be told, even more yet to be planned and I’m glad I’m going to be able to bring them to you through the eyes of a slightly disabled and rapidly ageing skateboarder.
It’s nice to have some purpose.
Here to spread the stoke, start a few crazy rumors and ask some serious questions about tech and the industry in general.
I’ll try and keep it clean and politically correct but I have an awful memory at the best of times.
If you are interested in being a SkateFurther contributor, drop Nat an email and we will see what we can do. We are looking for people from the US, Canada and the southern Hemisphere!

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