Event – Miami Ultraskate Recap

Pic: Team Ridemore

Where to start! This years Ultra at Homestead Miami looks to have been one of the best. So many things to report on and it finished just a few hours ago.


Andrew looked to be on track to pass the 300 mile mark but the pace took its toll and he finished with 226 miles. Eric Palmer took on the lead and skated into second place in the world rankings with an amazing 274.4 miles. Conan Gay claimed second with 265.7 miles.

All in all 19 riders passed the 200 mile mark (5 passed the 250 mark!) including Claudia Chase who took out the record in the women’s event with an amazing 202.9 miles.

In the SUP section Deejay Pascua paddled 210.2 miles and the Ridemore team passed the 300 mile mark.

As more information and pictures come in from the event we will be keeping you up to date. In the meantime, visit the event facebook page, the IDSA page and view the final results here.

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