Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Skatefurther has been around for a almost decade. Lots of miles have passed beneath us all. One of our biggest highlights was watching Rob Thomson skate his way into the record books. Rob became a great friend of Skatefurther and it was always awesome to check into the old forum (R.I.P.) and see where he had got to in the world, marvel over his photos and … Continue reading Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Profile – Eric ‘E-Love’ Lowell

Way back in 2008 the Ultraskate was very new. James Peters had completed a couple of 24-hour skates by himself in Seattle but this was the year when Eric Lowell joined him. Eric got 187 miles under his belt and James crossed the 200 mile mark. Eric became heavily involved with the development of the G|Bomb bracket and for a good few years was the … Continue reading Profile – Eric ‘E-Love’ Lowell

Throwback – Skate USA 2005

This one takes us back. But not to the very beginning (more on that later!).

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.20.40 PM

Back in 2005 a certain Adam Colton and 3 friends skated the 3000miles (4800km) across the USA to raise money for The East Coast Round Wall Foundation. The trip took 2 and a half months and not only opened many of our eyes to distance skating but also to Loaded longboards and LongboardLarry who they met on the trip and sorted out with push boards.

Longboard Larry (LBL) a custom longboard manufacturer was a sponsor of my Skate USA trip by accident.  I met Larry by luck when our bus broke down in Oregon and Scott from set us up to stay with Larry while the bus was being fixed.  From that moment a friendship and sponsorship was born.  We gave up the current decks we were riding and LBL built us custom decks for the trip right then and there.  He even became our press person for our trip and flew all the way to VA to join us at the welcome home celebration.

Not much exists online about the trip but the journey was featured in Freshpaved magazine and Adam has pictures on his website You can also look at more pictures on Adam’s Flickr album.

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