Throwback – Ultraskate IV

Back in June 2008, the idea of an Ultraskate was still new. James Peters over at Pavedwave had been putting in the miles in Seattle and spreading the stoke across the world and for the 1st time the Ultraskate went worldwide. In the days leading up to the event the stoke was high as people got themselves prepared and exchanged contact details. Getting a phone call in the middle of the night could make a huge difference.

James had a crew in Seattle which included Eric Lowell, Sheldon Lessard and Barefoot Ted, Trevor Gibson was in Colorado, Rodgon and John Galac were in San Diego, Nat and Ben Hall were at Dorney Lake in the UK and Keith O’Leary and Dave Cornthwaite were in Central London. It was on.

In London Dave pulled out Early with a football injury leaving Keith to soldier through the night, Ben and Nat skated though the night and clocked up some good miles but over in Seattle the miles were really put down. Eric got to 187 mile but Barefoot Ted, who hadn’t put his foot on a skateboard in years busted out 242miles – a new Ultraskate record.


You can throwback to the paved wave and skatefurther forum threads and read about the event. Nat and Eric both wrote about their ultra experiences and they are worth a read too!

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