Skate Across the Mitten

You may think from looking through all the stuff here on skatefurther that we only like BIG trips or push races with BIG money prizes. Far from it. In fact, way back at the beginning this site was all about pushing yourself further than you have been before. Summer adventures on a skateboard are whereContinue reading “Skate Across the Mitten”

Event Longtreks Morocco Episode 2: The Musical to Safi

We are stoked on Longtreks Friday. You should be too! The cultural exchange between longboarders and Moroccans seems to be going very well! Paul, Adam, and Aaron are invited by the most hospitable locals, receive large smiles from children and elders, and exchange tribal music. It’s their second day on the road, and chip sealContinue reading “Event Longtreks Morocco Episode 2: The Musical to Safi”