The Orangatang Caguama is here!


We have known about the 85mm from Orangatang for quite some time. The 80mm Kegel has become a firm favourite with distance skaters and the 85mm Seismic Speedvent is up there as one of the best. The combination of Otangs ‘Happy Thane’ and the larger size means we now have a wheel that will last and last, whilst rolling like a dream.


How do we know this?  Well, the 85mm version has been in the boards of some serious testers for quite some time.

Adrian ‘World On Board’ has been skating them since November and has covered 5000km.


Calleigh Little has had her set for almost a year and has covered 4500km on them.


Once again, Otang have got the name spot on. Caguama is a oversized beer bottle named after the large loggerhead turtle… very apt!

The wheels are now available on the Orangatang Website, or hit up your local skate shop. Orangatang have also put out a video about the wheel – interested to see why they think the purples are more suited to distance pushing.