Reader’s Rides – Bart RiemVis

readers rides.png

Stoked to share Bart’s rides.

Because I know everyone likes looking at setups, here are my two distance boards. The mini is great to travel around with. Took it on the plane in a bag multiple times without any problems.

In the left corner:

  • Rayne Flux
  • 139mm Surf Rodz Indeesz, custom spherical bearing by Paul de Beer
  • And in the back there’s an adjustable baseplate
  • 75mm HD BigZigs
  • Riptide PSD footstop

In the right corner:

  • Subsonic Illuminati
  • G|Bomb Superfork and Deep Drop
  • 152mm Don’t Trip Poppy SPs
  • 85mm Seismic Speedvents Mango
  • Custom footstop

Hit up Bart on instagram to see what he is up to and check out all the other Reader’s Rides. If you have a setup you’d like us to share with the world – drop us a line!