Reader’s Rides – Bart RiemVis

Stoked to share Bart’s rides. Because I know everyone likes looking at setups, here are my two distance boards. The mini is great to travel around with. Took it on the plane in a bag multiple times without any problems. In the left corner: Rayne Flux 139mm Surf Rodz Indeesz, custom spherical bearing by Paul deContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Bart RiemVis”

Reader’s Rides – Nick Menor

Over to California for our latest Reader’s Rides! Nick is rolling quite the setup! The Rayne Ego is a double drop, rockered platform deck meant for bombing hills and pushing far. The wedge up front adds 6 degrees to your truck’s angle and is wedged downward 6 degrees in the back. I’m running Don’t Trip PoppysContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Nick Menor”

Reader’s Rides – Reinhard Krause

Reinhard has sent us his ride, although we know he has just updated his deck to something a little different (see end of post) Deck: Subsonic La Maquina Truck: Don’t Trip Euphoria Brackets: G|Bomb DD-s and Torsion Tail Wheels: Seismic Speedvents 85mm Bearings: Ceramics This was the setup that took him 4days and 450km fromContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Reinhard Krause”

Reader’s Rides – Marco Heinen

To Germany where Marco shares his ‘Reader’s Ride’ with us. 1166 Platform G|BOMB DD-Stubby and Torsiontail V2.0 125mm Don’t Trip Euphoria Riptide PSD Convex footstop Seismic 85mm Speedvents Bubblegum Seismic Red Tekton bearings You can follow Marco on his instagram account to see where this setup takes him and keep up to day with all the GermanContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Marco Heinen”

Reader’s Rides – Sean ‘Brettwandern’

The next installment of our Reader’s Rides comes from Berlin in Germany, Sean describes his setup. Good old beaten up Subsonic foamcore gt40 that has travelled over 5000 km. 180mm Death Reys, Blood Orange wedge/barrel bushings, mango Seismic speedvents and Zealous bearings. The SUV of boards. 😉 You can follow Sean and his trips on his Brettwandern facebook page.Continue reading “Reader’s Rides – Sean ‘Brettwandern’”

Reader’s Rides – Mansell

Way down south in New Zealand, Mansell is rolling around on his pusher.  Deck: Subsonic GT40 with Carbon and Texalium (nice stickers!) Trucks: Caliber 44* base plate and Silk V2 hangers Wheels: ABEC 11 76mm Flywheels 78a Bearings: Zealous Nat saw this setup in person at the Ruapuna Ultraskate. A thing of beauty. If youContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Mansell”

Reader’s Rides – ‘Push or Die’ Krakow

Push or Die are a distance skating crew from Kraków in Poland. Here is a pic of what they are riding at the moment! David’s setup: Antidote Longboards deck, Exile brackets, Don’t trip Trippins trucks and Seismic Speed Vents Bubblegum wheels. Łukasz’s setup: Antidote Longboards deck, Exile brackets, SurfRodz RKP trucks and Free Loaders wheels. Michał’sContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – ‘Push or Die’ Krakow”

Reader’s Rides – Andrew Andras

Andrew posted up his new ride for his upcoming Ultraskate. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew is the organiser behind the Ultraskate at Homstead- Miami and also the record record holder for the furthest distance skated in 24 hours. Last year at the same event Andrew skated 455.8km (283.3miles) and he hopes toContinue reading “Reader’s Rides – Andrew Andras”