Reader’s Rides – Reinhard Krause

Reinhard has sent us his ride, although we know he has just updated his deck to something a little different (see end of post)

  • Deck: Subsonic La Maquina
  • Truck: Don’t Trip Euphoria
  • Brackets: G|Bomb DD-s and Torsion Tail
  • Wheels: Seismic Speedvents 85mm
  • Bearings: Ceramics

Screen shot 2016-08-26 at 9.49.10 AM

This was the setup that took him 4days and 450km from Passau in Germany to Bratislava in Slovakia. Reinhard also shared some of his photos from the trip in out #furtherphotos gallery. Go and check them out.

*update* Reinhard has updated his deck to a chopped Rayne and switched to an Exile front bracket.

It’s a rocket. Really very fast machine. With TT even faster. For sprint distances it’s crazy fast. I pumped 31 km yesterday 🙂 sprint!! The board its more stiff, that’s why. All the power goes in the speed.

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