Event – Pubs and Parks

If you peer back into the gloom that is the discipline of skating further – way, way back to a time before ultraskates, before 0° rear trucks and before distance skating specific hardware and diets, someone somewhere said…

I wonder if we could skate to the pub?

For some of us, this was where the ideas started. ‘I wonder if we could skate a bit further, across a country maybe? Or how about to the skatepark and then a few pubs?’

We are stoked to see the genesis of distance skating is still out there. Parks and Pubs Summer Holiday is such a journey. Armed with soft wheels, an undying thirst and a determinatino to skate whatever skateparks  they come across – the true essence of skating further. We slaute you boys!

Keep up to date with their journey on their facebook page and expect a writeup of the event on SkateFurther when then have recovered!

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