The Beernett Mod

Looking for a front truck for you ldp/hybrid setup? You can’t really go wrong with a Bennett. Designed in ’75 and blowing the competition out the water, Bennett was the first company to offer superior bushings, precision components and amazing turning capability.


Sounds perfect huh? well you can improve on perfection. Beernett will take a stock Bennet and supercharge it for you – here’s how…

  • Spherical bearing with teflon liner in hanger. Makes the truck turn superprecise without any slop.
  • Aircraft grade Kingpin. A cadmium plated AN6 bolt which is stronger and has no unused thread which damages your bushings.
  • Polished pivot. Bennett’s pivot is not well machined. It wll be rounded and polished for smoother turning.
  • Riptide APS bushings. This formula has a lot of rebound and they are recessed to accomodate for the spherical. Roadside APS barrel, boardside APS tallbarrel (purple 70a, green 75a, orange 80a, blue 85a or yellow 90a) Duro combi possible!
  • Riptide WFB pivotcup. This ‘selflubricating’ formula combined with the polished pivot results in very smooth turning.
  • Slipstream flanged precision washers. Swedish steel quality washers that are designed for better bushing feedback.

Screen shot 2018-04-14 at 10.33.25 PM

You can hit up Beernett for a mod to a Bennett by visiting their website or facebook page, they ship worldwide and have their trucks being ridden across the globe.



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