The Beernett Mod

Looking for a front truck for you ldp/hybrid setup? You can’t really go wrong with a Bennett. Designed in ’75 and blowing the competition out the water, Bennett was the first company to offer superior bushings, precision components and amazing turning capability. Sounds perfect huh? well you can improve on perfection. Beernett will take a stock Bennet and supercharge it for you – here’s how… … Continue reading The Beernett Mod

Review – Revolt Alchemist


“Precision for long distances, but why? It does not matter, you don’t go downhill!” That’s what most people tell me when I run precision trucks under my pushers.
But once you’ve ridden 100 miles on end. Once you’ve pumped until you step off your board and you puke and collapse. Once you’ve known the true feeling of being one with your device. Then you will know why precision can help you push further. Why it can help you Skate Further. It is a part of you, so a slight difference in wobble or a teeny rattle on one side for hours on end will start to get in via your legs and destroy your mind.

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When the Dutch company Revolt posted on their Facebook page I was super stoked. Precision trucks made in The Netherlands. At that moment I decided I needed a pair, so I messaged them and they let me review a pair for LDP purposes.

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Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

Here at Skatefurther we pride ourselves on getting the best reviews from the best people. Who better to ask for a review of his favourite truck than Andrew Andras – Ultraskate World Record holder. When I got into distance skating I remember thinking a longboard truck is just a longboard truck, right? Reverse kingpin, some bushings, about 150 to 180mm in length. All the same! But … Continue reading Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

Product Review – G|Bomb Longboards

The G|Bomb bracket has been used by distance skaters for a long time. Eric Lowell was pushing the design forward to help design the perfect hybrid Setup. Mark at G|Bomb has been continuously refining the design. Here’s the latest bracket design. You can see all the G|Bomb lineup over at and keep up to date with what is going on in the Skatefurther Forum. Continue reading Product Review – G|Bomb Longboards