Review – Revolt Alchemist


“Precision for long distances, but why? It does not matter, you don’t go downhill!” That’s what most people tell me when I run precision trucks under my pushers.
But once you’ve ridden 100 miles on end. Once you’ve pumped until you step off your board and you puke and collapse. Once you’ve known the true feeling of being one with your device. Then you will know why precision can help you push further. Why it can help you Skate Further. It is a part of you, so a slight difference in wobble or a teeny rattle on one side for hours on end will start to get in via your legs and destroy your mind.

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When the Dutch company Revolt posted on their Facebook page I was super stoked. Precision trucks made in The Netherlands. At that moment I decided I needed a pair, so I messaged them and they let me review a pair for LDP purposes.

When I got them, on a sober and grey morning, I instantly rushed to my local boardshop to take them apart, get a look from all angles, compare them to other trucks and last but not least: stick them under my Hyperflux.

The first couple of miles were hard on my legs. Where I usually run ultrasoft bushings for an extremely surf-y feeling the Revolt Alchemists have KranK bushings equipped which make you feel like you’re skating a bulldozer.  But the plus side of bulldozers is that they are strong. And that they are as stable as they are strong. When used on a steep hill these trucks will give a stable feeling like very few others will. All in all these trucks will make you feel more stable than standing on solid ground. On top of that they have some amazing lean.


Some characteristics really stand out; as soon as you open the box you’ll notice the kingpin nut. It doesn’t have the standard width, but is has the wheel-nut width. The nut is different because of the production process Revolt uses when making the trucks. The screw end of the kingpin is taken “out” of a solid piece of aluminium.  In the week I was testing these I did not feel like the smaller kingpin nut gave me slop or was a bad influence otherwise.
The trucks also come with precision washers, spacers and speedrings. These are all amazing, though the washer appears quite small. Once again, this did not have any negative effects on the ride it gives.

All in all these trucks are heavy, but will keep you more stable than a lot of other brands. It is not on the level of established downhill truckmakers yet, but there are some good ideas coming to fruition here. As for stability, strength and power these trucks are comparable to the precision brands well known to me.

Interested in a pair of your own? Revolt can be found here:

Note: this review was based solely on distance pushing, I am not a downhiller nor do I have any real experience with it. Results may vary from person to person.

Alchemist, photo


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