Hello, My Name is Andy Andras

Interview Number 7 of our 'hello my name is...' series... someone who's well known. welcome La Maquina... Andy Andras! First of all...please introduce yourself. My name is Andrew Andras, a bit of a tough twister so my friends just call me Andy. I’ve been called a lot of other things too but lets leave that … Continue reading Hello, My Name is Andy Andras


Product Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

Here at Skatefurther we pride ourselves on getting the best reviews from the best people. Who better to ask for a review of his favourite truck than Andrew Andras - Ultraskate World Record holder. When I got into distance skating I remember thinking a longboard truck is just a longboard truck, right? Reverse kingpin, some bushings, … Continue reading Product Review – Don’t Trip Poppy