Hello, My Name is Andy Andras

Interview Number 7 of our ‘hello my name is…’ series… someone who’s well known. Welcome to ‘La Maquina’…Andy Andras! First of all…please introduce yourself. My name is Andrew Andras, a bit of a tough twister so my friends just call me Andy. I’ve been called a lot of other things too but lets leave thatContinue reading “Hello, My Name is Andy Andras”

Hello, My Name is Anne Palmer

Interview No. Six of our ‘hello my name is…’ series… welcome Anne Palmer! First of all…please introduce yourself. I live in the quaint seaside town of Scituate, Massachusetts. My husband Jeff and I raised our three sons, Kevin, Eric and Brian here. I work full time for Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have always beenContinue reading “Hello, My Name is Anne Palmer”

Hello, My Name is Moritz Langen

The fifth our ‘hello my name is…’ interviews… and the first german guy in this series: welcome Moritz Langen! First of all…please introduce yourself. This dude was born 1989 in Viersen,NRW, Germany and got the name Moritz Langen but most of his friends call him “Moujou” (nickname given by his Paintballteam inspired by Austin Powers).Continue reading “Hello, My Name is Moritz Langen”

Hello, My Name is Calleigh Little

The third of our ‘hello my name is…’ interviews…welcome Calleigh Little! First of all…please introduce yourself. My name is Calleigh Alice Little (pronounced CAL-EE) and I’m a 26 year old girl who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to San Diego, California after college. I do long distance skateboarding and downhill competitively. How and whenContinue reading “Hello, My Name is Calleigh Little”