Hello, My Name is Kyle Yan

The fourth of our ‘hello my name is…’ interviews… and the first guy in this series: welcome Kyle Yan!

First of all…please introduce yourself.
My name is Kyle Yan and I’m from New York City.

How and when did you get into Skateboarding and when did you start Long Distance Skating?
Longboarding was introduced to me during my first year in college. When I first started skating, I was into free riding. Long distance skating was introduced to me after attending my first push race, The Central Park race. I went to every local push race in the city and got better with each race.

Speaking of influences… who inspires you? Someone in the Scene, friends, family or someone else?
During my first Miami 24 hour ultra skate, I had no clue who Andrew Andras was. My plan was to lap the guy as many times as I can. I was doing just that for the first 8 hours and said to myself, “man this guy is slow”. By hour 12, Andy was lapping me. By the end of the race, I told myself, “I want to be just like him”

What is your very personal reason and goal? WHY are you skating long distances?My personal goal in this sport is to skate 315 miles at a ultra skate. I use skating as a means of transportation.

How do you train? How do you prepare yourself prior Races and Trips? Any tips for the reader?
My training consists of me skating to work everyday. On weekends I do long skates. If I’m training for a 24 hour ultra skate, I skate anywhere from 80 miles to 180 miles a week. I do a lot of cross training. I try to incorporate running and biking into training.

As Distance Skating means spending lots of time on a board… do you have any remarkable memories to share?
There’s something to learn from every event. I prefer longer races because you have the opportunity to talk to your friends/competitors.

Your most glorious or heart-touching Moment from the past?
I had the best time at the 2016 Adrenalina skateboard marathon in San Diego. Jeff Vyain and I were skating side by side the entire race. We had one goal in mind and that was to skate as hard as we can. We crossed the finish line together and was able to set a new course record.

Biggest long distance fail moment? (Skating in the wrong direction, injuries, broken kit etc)?
I had my fair share of longboard “fails”. One time I was riding my board to class and one of my wheels fell off. I never saw that wheel again. Other skate fails include starting a race with my board backwards.

Goals for the future? What will happen next? Plans?
My plan is to host my own idsa sanctioned event in the east coast. There’s a lot of outlaw events here in New York.

If you had one wish… what would be your biggest dream related to Distance Skating?
It would be cool to see distance skating make it to the olympics.

Last point. Anything left you’d like to say? Feel free to say whatever you want! Shoutout to Pantheon longboards, Don’t-trip trucks, Gbomb longboards, Seismic Skate, Riptide bushings, and Tailwind Nutrition.

Facts for you related to Distance Skating:
I’m vegan -My nicknames are yanimal, cayenne, and quick feet -I eat a lot!!