Freedom Skate 2009

As seen in the NZ section of the forum, Tomo is about to set off on his epic cross-country skate. Forum member Nat remembers his own 2008 skate with fond memories… The roads are brutal, the roughest surface I have ever skated on. The sun in NZ is the harshest in the world. The traffic isContinue reading “Freedom Skate 2009”

Demonseed Deelite – A review by Laura Hatwell

Direct from the Skatefurther forum, Laura Hatwell’s review of the Rayne Demonseed Deelite. Laura recently returned from her epic trip across Orkney, Sheltand and the Highlands of Scotland; ‘Perimeter:North Sea Skate‘ .She spent some time to sit down and give us her views of the Rayne Deemonseed Deelite. Enjoy. Rayne’s Demonseed deck has been aContinue reading “Demonseed Deelite – A review by Laura Hatwell”

John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3

This just in from Tom who is driving the support vehicle for Ben Colchester-Hall’s attempt at the John O’Groats to Land’s End skate record. Howdy all, update number three here. Its late evening of day 17 as I write this, and we are currently in Bristol. In the intervening days since you were last informed of Bens where-aboutsContinue reading “John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3”