Freedom Skate 2009

As seen in the NZ section of the forum, Tomo is about to set off on his epic cross-country skate. Forum member Nat remembers his own 2008 skate with fond memories…

The roads are brutal, the roughest surface I have ever skated on. The sun in NZ is the harshest in the world. The traffic is crazy and the hills are just insane. Tomo will have the best time in his life! The people of NZ are generous, helpful and the just love someone doing something as insane as skating across their country.

Tomo has a wicked website with a blog, map, youtube channel and photos that will keep you up to date with what is going on. Freedom skate also has a facebook page which will keep you updated. His skate will be raising money for the Nelson Region Hospice and the Nelson Cancer Society. Two charities that are very close to his heart.

 It looks like things are beginnig to pick up pace! Getting hold of a support vehicle is always key on a trip like this.

Thanks so much to Gus and his team for getting a hold of that van for me, its awesome!! looks great too!! the idea being white is so that people can write the names of their loved ones that have passed away or who have had cancer all over the van so its a big remembrance .

And it loks like Tomo has a sweet ride for the trip Rollsrolls have sponsored him one of their woodie decks.

Everyone here at Skatefurther wishes Tomo the very best. Skating long-distance is what we like here and skating across New Zealand will be just amazing.



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