Review – Tusk Brackets

A few moths ago we let you know about the release of Tusk Brackets from Holland. Business has been busy and we are glad to be able to give you a review thanks to Zach down in New Zealand. He has been skating further on his brackets for a while now and gave us the low-down on Tusk.


Tusk design brackets are handmade by a down to earth pusher/pumper living in Amsterdam. As a straightforward, functional set of brackets at angles for set for pumping and options that will put your board lower than any boy racers slammed skyline, they’re wonderful.

The facts are as follows:

They are cnc machine cut and drilled, cold bent, and thick. Angles are at a +9 degree wedge and a -13 degree dewedge. Bolt hole patters to allow for old and new school truck mounting. Colours are normally anodized, although options now include bead blasted, and a limited run carbon fibre water dip paint.

Tusk Designs are similar in design to the G-bomb super fork. At half the price though, it begs to question what could be wrong with them. There are two things to be made immediately aware of. They are not adjustable and they do not fit various, very popular trucks. The opening that allows for a drop through does not allow for such trucks as Randals, Ronins, and Sabres. All don’t fit for various different reasons. Surf-rodz TKP’s fit like a charm and would be an absolutely ideal match for the Tusk Design brackets.

Even with the TKP’s, you must be picky with the chop design you pick for a board. Make certain that the board tapers away from the brackets at the front or you’re sure to experience some amount of wheel bite.

The paint job, specifically the water dip transfer for the carbon fibre print, is incredibly brittle. These brackets are unfortunately amateur and the design flaws follow suit. There are many tell tale signs that these are not the work of a professional. But for half the price of a set of G-Bombs and functional perfection if you can ignore the fixed angles, there’s not too much you can argue with.

Hopefully, we’ll see a Mark II sometime in the future that allows for more truck varieties to properly drop through and perhaps other brackets set at different angles. End of line, it’s a solid product from a solid homie with the right idea.

We know that a new batch or brackets are being worked upon and hope to see the results soon. If you want any more information about Tusk, hit up their website or visit their facebook page.

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