Review – Bern Allston Helmet

More and more bike helmets are being used for distance skating. To kick of the helmet thread on the Skatefurther Forum, here’s Ehren Mohammadi’s pros and cons on what looks like a great mix of bike and peaked skate helmet – the Bern Allston. Pros Weight : 12oz 16 vents for good air flow. Visor canContinue reading “Review – Bern Allston Helmet”

Product – G|Bomb Torsion Tail

G|Bomb have always led the way with the bracket system for your boards. This is the latest – The Torsion Tail. Introducing our G|Bomb Torsion Tail. The new patent pending design integrates zero degree truck performance, and a lively spring return, into the structure of the board. By eliminating the traditional rear truck and deckContinue reading “Product – G|Bomb Torsion Tail”

Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

Here at Skatefurther we pride ourselves on getting the best reviews from the best people. Who better to ask for a review of his favourite truck than Andrew Andras – Ultraskate World Record holder. When I got into distance skating I remember thinking a longboard truck is just a longboard truck, right? Reverse kingpin, some bushings,Continue reading “Review – Don’t Trip Poppy”

Info – 10 Tips for life on the road

We here at Skatefurther are stoked when people want to get involved in what we do. Here is the first post of many from Jack Courtenay our new Skatefurther representative in Japan – 10 tips for skating further. Hi, my name is Jack Courtenay, 23 from New Zealand. In 2013 I longboarded over 1500km’s inContinue reading “Info – 10 Tips for life on the road”

Product Review – Pantheon Quest.

Skatefurther prides itself of getting great reviews, from people who have put the distance in on their boards. Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker are just that. Here are their reviews of the Pantheon Quest for Skatefurther. Kyle Yan I’ve been riding the Pantheon quest since the summer of 2014 and have skated over 1000 milesContinue reading “Product Review – Pantheon Quest.”