Product Review – Rayne Demonseed

SkateFurther Laura recently wrote a note on our Facebook page. Entitled ‘For the Love of The Demonseed’ it struck a nerve with many of us pushers. The demonseed is a true distance board. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a distance skater in possession of a Rayne Demonseed must be in want of aContinue reading “Product Review – Rayne Demonseed”

Product Review – G|Bomb Longboards

The G|Bomb bracket has been used by distance skaters for a long time. Eric Lowell was pushing the design forward to help design the perfect hybrid Setup. Mark at G|Bomb has been continuously refining the design. Here’s the latest bracket design. You can see all the G|Bomb lineup over at and keep up to dateContinue reading “Product Review – G|Bomb Longboards”

From The Forum – Shredded Bushing

Our second installment of the ‘From The Forum’ series is one from the Skatefurther archives. Back when skatefurther was formed the legend that is Eric Lowell was a regular poster. Eric is one of the most stoked on skating guys I know and was pivotal in the amazing work that has gone on with theContinue reading “From The Forum – Shredded Bushing”

Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal

We here at skatefurther are super stoked about The Skateboarder’s Journal. ‘Lives on Board’ was a amazing book (buy it here) with loads of truly inspiring stories about skating in all its forms. There was a great section about distance skating and the promo video for ‘Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal‘ features a fewContinue reading “Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal”