Goodwood 2011

Goodwood saw yet another great longboard turn out this year. The headwinds were up again but the top 3 all finished under 2 hours. Forum member Tim (and designer of the rad PSD footstops) did a great write up of his take on the day in our forum.

After around the 2nd lap, I was in 2nd with Matt Elver in 1st way in front, I probably couldn’t see him by lap 2! Then Ben Williams caught me up on his dropped and lowered pusher. I felt pretty sick, at this point, with burning lungs and my leg muscles started screaming. This is where I swapped techniques and mimicked Ben, pushing and tucking. Ben gave me some tuck tips as we were skating and it helped! It meant that my feet were both centred and pointing forwards which made bending over easier and both feet were poised and prepared to push, amazing! My feet were always ready to push regular, push mongo or tuck, no need to move my feet at all; amazing!

4 thoughts on “Goodwood 2011

  1. Are those climbing holds on the front of your deck? I assume that’s to keep your foot from going forward. Where did you guys get them.

    1. they are footstops to make sure you foot doesn’t creep off the front. Hit up the link on the post PSD footstop designs! Originally used in slalom, now widely used in downhill and on distance boards.

  2. so. .. your feet are in a straight line one behind the other both pointing forwards? it seems that if it was any other way then your right or left foot would be too far to the side and itd be hard to balance w/foot facing forward.

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