Info – Beyond the sidewalk – Back to our roots

It’s been 15 minutes since I first watched this and I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Beyond the Sidewalk is a must see documentary about the first ever crossing of the USA by Jack Smith, Jeff French and Mike Filben. We had seen the promo video and heard all about the viewings, but nowContinue reading “Info – Beyond the sidewalk – Back to our roots”

Event – New Zealand Ultraskate

New Zealand has now been host to 2 ultraskates; 2011 and 2015. With a change in venue, season and organisers it is back for 2017. Ultraskate New Zealand is the 3rd Ultra booked in for 2017 and joins the US and Dutch ultras. The 2015 Ultra saw skaters from as far as the US andContinue reading “Event – New Zealand Ultraskate”

Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Skatefurther has been around for a almost decade. Lots of miles have passed beneath us all. One of our biggest highlights was watching Rob Thomson skate his way into the record books. Rob became a great friend of Skatefurther and it was always awesome to check into the old forum (R.I.P.) and see where he hadContinue reading “Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding”

Journey – The Southern Push

Alex is pushing the southern coast of the UK this summer. Traveling to Lands End (the starting point of many great journeys) and then pushing all the way, some 420m, back home. Many of us will relate to his thirst for adventure – stuck in front of a computer screen, surrounded by the same sceneryContinue reading “Journey – The Southern Push”

Race – Vandra do an Ultraskate

So, I’m no distance jock! I like my journeys to be about discovering new places, new people and, er, beer. As much as I’d love to join in, I don’t think I’d have the patience or the back strength for an Ultraskate. Fortunately, our friends from the Ultracool Vandra Skateboards have summed up what I’mContinue reading “Race – Vandra do an Ultraskate”

Journey – 5000km from San Francisco to New York

Popping up on our radar out of the middle of no where, Danielius is pushing off on what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest pushes this year – 5000km from San Francisco to New York. What makes this push even more interesting is his experience and attitude towards a challenge of a lifetime. OverContinue reading “Journey – 5000km from San Francisco to New York”

Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016

We’ve been silently building up to this years Miami UltraSkate 2016 and the results are in!!! Firstly, a massive shout out to every single set of feet that pressed the Tarmac this year! A mammoth effort was made by all from the IDSA to those that didn’t quite make the finishing line. Competitors flew inContinue reading “Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016”

Event – The Bristol Board Meet

Last weekend saw the 8th Annual Bristol To Bath charity skate take place. This was the event that Skatefurther cut it’s teeth on and we are always stoked to see how big it has got. This year was about raising money for Clic Sargent – a charity that specializes in caring for children with cancer. SoContinue reading “Event – The Bristol Board Meet”