Journey – Just A Couple Of Spins

We stumbled across this trip the other day and got in contact with Flo. He has just completed 58 days of skating, starting in Germany and finishing in Istanbul. I didn’t know if I would like longboarding for two months straight and if I could even do it. I just started. I didn’t let allContinue reading “Journey – Just A Couple Of Spins”

Race – Maryhill Uphill Challenge

The Maryhill Loops road is a mecca for downhill racers from across the globe. The 2.2 mile track of perfect tarmac has 22 corners and is home to the annual ‘Festival of Speed’. This year they added a new race to the list. The Uphill Challenge. Race results were 1st: Brandon Desjarlais 2nd: Colby Cummings 3rd:Continue reading “Race – Maryhill Uphill Challenge”

Race – The 2015 Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Skate Challenge

Back in 2010 a certain HammerHead posted this up in the Skatefurther forum. Hey distance people. I have an idea I would like to get all of your input on for an event possibly in 2011. A multi-day Stage Race (a la Tour De France) where racers start together each day and cover the sameContinue reading “Race – The 2015 Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Skate Challenge”

Journey – Skate For Hope

Tobes Chapps is setting himself a goal of skateboarding across New Zealand to raise awareness about mental health issues with the hope of changing lives. Supported by some heavy hitters in the skateboard industry Tobes will be taking his Street Plant boards from Cape Reinga at the top of New Zealand to Bluff at theContinue reading “Journey – Skate For Hope”