Competition – Harfangatang Giveaway

Competition time! We have hooked up with the good folks at Harfang and Orangatang to do a review of their Stage 4 cut Kegel. We are currently getting them tested by pushers and LDPers across the globe and will give you our full review soon. Meanwhile, Orangatang kindly slipped in an extra set of wheelsContinue reading “Competition – Harfangatang Giveaway”

Product – SkateFurther X Grip Graphique

We are stoked to announce a collaboration with the awesome people over at Grip Graphique. For years Grip Graphique have offered a range of custom grip tape designs in a range of styles and have sponsored distance skating events across Canada. Now you can get your very own slice of SkateFurther as well. Grip Graphique areContinue reading “Product – SkateFurther X Grip Graphique”

Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Skatefurther has been around for a almost decade. Lots of miles have passed beneath us all. One of our biggest highlights was watching Rob Thomson skate his way into the record books. Rob became a great friend of Skatefurther and it was always awesome to check into the old forum (R.I.P.) and see where he hadContinue reading “Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding”

Info – 10 of the best long distance skateboarding documentaries

If there’s only one good thing us long distance longboarders do, it’s keeping track of what we’ve done. From images, blogs and vlogs through to slick documentaries. For giggles, exposure, sponsorship or just our own life diaries, as we achieve something new on our boards we do a great job of capturing it. It’s greatContinue reading “Info – 10 of the best long distance skateboarding documentaries”

Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition

Welcome to the first annual Long Distance Skateboarding Photo Competition Every year, we do some pretty amazing shit. Some of us have thousands of bucks worth of gear and travel to the far reaches of the globe to where no man has rolled before, others just have a beaten up old board a smelly sleepingContinue reading “Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition”

Profile – Eric ‘E-Love’ Lowell

Way back in 2008 the Ultraskate was very new. James Peters had completed a couple of 24-hour skates by himself in Seattle but this was the year when Eric Lowell joined him. Eric got 187 miles under his belt and James crossed the 200 mile mark. Eric became heavily involved with the development of theContinue reading “Profile – Eric ‘E-Love’ Lowell”

Info – Welcome Albert

Here’s the first of our new contributors. Albert! The asphalt under your polyurethane wheels. A feeling of absolute freedom. The combination of total control and willingness to give in. To listen to the trees crackle, the birds chirping and the wheels rolling. That is – for me – the ecstasy of skating. I am Albert, a 20Continue reading “Info – Welcome Albert”