Reader’s Rides – ‘Push or Die’ Krakow

Push or Die are a distance skating crew from Kraków in Poland. Here is a pic of what they are riding at the moment! David’s setup: Antidote Longboards deck, Exile brackets, Don’t trip Trippins trucks and Seismic Speed Vents Bubblegum wheels. Łukasz’s setup: Antidote Longboards deck, Exile brackets, SurfRodz RKP trucks and Free Loaders wheels. Michał’s setup: Cropped Ballar Luca Longboards deck, Exile brackets, Gunmetal trucks … Continue reading Reader’s Rides – ‘Push or Die’ Krakow

Interview – Caleb from Push for Burundi

Aaron has been off the radar for a while – you might remember him as the chicken loving, random instrument wielding third of the Long Treks on Skate Decks adventures. He’s back and brings Skatefurther an interview with Caleb from Push for Burundi.
Over the past 2 years, a project sprung up out of Sherwood Park, Alberta, called Push For Burundi. Three local kids pushed their longboards across the province to fundraise money for a country trying to rebuild after decades of turmoil. For those who don’t know, Burundi is the neighbor of Rwanda and experienced the same genocide between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes.  I had the chance to ask one of the skaters Caleb, whose spent some time volunteering in the Burundi, about how their project came to be. Now Push for Burundi has raised $15,000.00 going directly to the African country. First year across Alberta, 2nd year across BC, and as we speak they’re about to complete their 3rd and longest journey from Sherwood Park, to Portland Oregon. Incredible if you ask me. 
Hey Caleb, glad I could catch you as you’re well into your journey, What were you doing in Burundi the past few years and how many times have you been? 
 I’ve been to Burundi twice, first time was for three weeks in 2012, second was 6 months in 2014. The first time was to see the effect that our fundraising had on a village that was building new houses. We got to be part of the building process, more just to work with the community and build those connections, rather than us actually building the houses, cause we knew nothing about that. It was really eye-opening, and I felt I wanted to go back and spend more time in Burundi and be part of projects that promoted sustainability, rather than just giving things and not really taking into consideration the cultural impact. So for 4 months I lived in a city called Gitega (2nd biggest in Burundi), and worked at a medical clinic (set up by Canadians, but planned in such a way so that they could leave eventually, which they have already, and be completely sustained by Burundians) and a school (grade 7-12, an English-speaking boarding school). At the clinic I took vitals for patients, and at the school I taught science and ran a volleyball team and taught guitar. Clinic in the morning, school in the afternoon. The last two months I was working with a coffee producing company called Long Miles Coffee Project ( as a volunteer and did so many odd jobs. Their mission is to get the highest quality coffee so that roasters around the world will pay a lot for it, so that they can pay the farmers what they deserve for their beans. They also want to combat the way coffee farmers are treated around the country by having their own washing stations where the scales are fair and they are treated fair. I worked at the Bukeye washing station during harvest, as well as being a guide for a team of Canadians who came to visit the washing station to see the impact of their fundraising.

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Profile – Romain ‘Globeskater’ Bessiere

Romain Bessiere has been on our radar for years and years. The Globeskater was possibly the 1st person to skate an ultraskate in 2006 (a distance of 313km) and since then has been making his way across a whole range of countries. He will always be skating, no matter the weather. Hit up to see what else he has been up to. Continue reading Profile – Romain ‘Globeskater’ Bessiere

Profile – Thomas C Slager

I am Thomas Christopher Slager, I am from The Netherlands, I am 17 years old now.

Way back in the day when I was 10, my uncle had this old longboard, he gave it to me because I loved skateboarding, so whenever I could I went out with my grandparents or with my mom to the park I did laps arround the park on my longboard.

I did not knew what LDP was back then or that there was a whole LDP sport going on already, so I just kept doing those laps for fun.

Several years later, went to the Een Longboard Dag, and I was competing in the Radargun challenge, I came in third, and I was like wow that is so cool, next competition of that event was a sprint push race, I competed in that one as well with a backpack and a full-face helmet, couldn’t breath, but I won that one, so I was very happy with that, and I found something similar to my parklapracing, a few months later I competed in my first full longboard marathon, I came in first position and opened a hole between number 2 with a half lap, I was 15.

After that I started to organise my own longboard marathon, I called it Haagsche Longboard Marathon, I did this because the sport needed a kick in the air, and I wanted to compete in more marathons. I won that marathon.

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Reader’s Rides – Andrew Andras

Andrew posted up his new ride for his upcoming Ultraskate. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew is the organiser behind the Ultraskate at Homstead- Miami and also the record record holder for the furthest distance skated in 24 hours. Last year at the same event Andrew skated 455.8km (283.3miles) and he hopes to improve on that in just a few days. Deck – Subsonic … Continue reading Reader’s Rides – Andrew Andras

Rider Profile – Adrian Oh ‘World on Board’

Another Rider Profile, this time from someone who has skated in more countries than most. Hi I am Adrian Oh, 32 from the tiny Island-nation of Singapore. As most of you may know me as World On Board, I travel around the world on my GBomb longboard, sponsored by GBomb. I have been skating since 2012, introduced by my Ex. I work as a special … Continue reading Rider Profile – Adrian Oh ‘World on Board’

Rider Profile – Lonneke van Kampen

Hello there, I’m Lonneke van Kampen, a female distance skater from the Netherlands. At the moment of writing I’m 22 years old and I’m longboarding for about 3 and a half years. After I started skating, I soon found out longdistance skating is amazing! After half a year I skated my first ultraskate, I died a little during that, but I managed to skate 100 … Continue reading Rider Profile – Lonneke van Kampen

Interview – Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa

In the next installment of our Rider Profiles, Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa lets us all know about himself and the art of Skog. Skogging is the life changing vision of skateboard + jogging invented by the late great Chris Yandall. Chris is my hero and mentor and I know he is skogging in heaven. As for me I’m a 42 soon to be 43 year old … Continue reading Interview – Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa