Interview – Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa

In the next installment of our Rider Profiles, Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa lets us all know about himself and the art of Skog.

Skogging is the life changing vision of skateboard + jogging invented by the late great Chris Yandall. Chris is my hero and mentor and I know he is skogging in heaven.

As for me I’m a 42 soon to be 43 year old skater originally form Cleveland. I survived a few life threatening illness’s and by the grace of God met Chris and was introduced to the amazing style of the skog!!! I’ve been hooked from day 1. Skogging not only is my medicine it is also my main form of transportation. Skogging is pushing both legs while alternating lead leg!!! Skogging incorporates pumping and some dancing as well!!!

I’m sponsored by ChurchillMFG/LAX longboards -Fun Box Dist!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to speak about skogging but I rather teach the masses in person. So if all ya all want to host a skogging clinic hit me up through or

God Bless
Skog it up!!!

If you know of a skater you would like to be featured on our ‘Rider Profile’ series, drop us a line.

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