Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition

Welcome to the first annual Long Distance Skateboarding Photo Competition

Every year, we do some pretty amazing shit. Some of us have thousands of bucks worth of gear and travel to the far reaches of the globe to where no man has rolled before, others just have a beaten up old board a smelly sleeping bag and a personal mission. It doesn’t matter where you fit on this scale! Position, wealth, max distance, trophies… none of these really make any difference to the pure essence of distance skating and that;s exactly what we want to see in your images.
Yes, a decent camera goes a long way but the essence is in the moment, that moment, the one that defined your trip.

We’re looking to make a list of 15 images that will be placed into a poll. The top 5 will then be judged by the SF editors.

Post them here on or via our Facebook or Twitter using #skatefurtherphotocomp

Rules: Don’t worry, we’re all skaters, none of us like rules so we’ll keep it simple
Images can be any size you like but quality will help
Include details of anyone in the pic, photographer, the date, location, the trip and links for further research
Standard file format please
Images must be taken by yourself/your team or of your trip. Doesn’t matter if they are sponsor pics or a lucky pocket snap on an iPhone.
For this competition, we will encourage images from any previously completed trip up to 31st Dec 2015. Annual comps will follow if successful.

6 thoughts on “Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition

  1. Here are some pictures from a trip I took in early Sept 2015. I spent a week riding 180 miles of US-36 from Atwood to Belleville, Kansas. It was my first multi-day skate trek. Details of my experience, route and gear can be found here:

    Thanks for running the site. I look forward to seeing everyone’s pics.

    Pictures are taken by me with an iphone and should be about 0.5 to 1 megabyte each if they uploaded properly. Next time I’m taking a better camera.

  2. In 2015 I skated over 1,000 miles, mainly along this 10 mile loop- the Apple Capital Loop Trail, next to the Columbia River in Wenatchee, Washington. Currently we have 18.7 miles of smooth and fairly flat pavement, 5.5 just freshly paved last year- LDP paradise! I highly recommend to anyone. -Thayne Tuason

  3. Attempting to skate by the light of the moon one summer night last year- across the Columbia River at Wenatchee, WA again. I wouldn’t recommend it and ended up skating my the light of my cell phone the last couple miles to my vehicle, but it was fun to try. -Thayne Tuason

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