The Skaatsplank Chronicles – 1000km for LIV

This August Chris White (22) from Exeter in the UK will be skating 1000km round The Netherlands, starting at The Hook of Holland and finishing in Amsterdam. Sleeping where he can, skating on roads, dodging cars and meeting cool people. With any luck he can team up with some of the Dutch distance skaters and they can fight crime. Chris is doing this (aside from … Continue reading The Skaatsplank Chronicles – 1000km for LIV

Long Push 2012

This Olympic year in the UK sees 48 year old Chris Ward from Southport, UK embark on his first long distance skate journey, THE LONG PUSH 2012—Longboarding for Autism Awareness. Chris will be pushing 100 miles on a round trip along the North West coastline between Southport and Fleetwood over 2 days to raise awareness of autism. Chris explained why…

“My girlfriend’s son was diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) last year, when he was aged 10. The diagnosis has had a huge impact on us and the way we live on a daily basis. It opened my eyes to what other families in similar situations must go through. We looked for support in understanding the lifelong condition of autism and that was when we found Families Connected. Founder and head of the charity Carol McKiernon has been hugely supportive of us, so I wanted to do something to help her charity grow. I’ve been skateboarding since around 1976, and had longboards the last few years, but only really fooled around cruising around the seafront area here in Southport. Last summer I found myself sat on the sea wall one Saturday afternoon, looking across towards Blackpool Tower and wondered if I could skate there one day. It was a germ of an idea at the time, but then towards the end of last year I decided to match it up with the charity idea and that’s how THE LONG PUSH 2012—longboarding for Autism Awareness was born.

Shortly after I’d made my mind up to do it I visited the Skate Further site and read about Blake and Daniel’s ‘Elevate Awareness – Longboarding for Autism’ journey in the USA. Then I knew I was on the right track. The boys are doing another journey this summer too, so I wish them luck with that.”

I’m going to do the full 100 mile ride over two days in either August or September, but I’m building my distances up now while I’m training and trying to raise more awareness each time I go out, by handing out flyers and dropping posters off. I’m easy to notice with my bright yellow ’LONG PUSH’ T-shirt or high visibility vest on. I’m hoping to raise around £5000 by the time I’m finished.

The response has been great so far, with Big Woody’s Skateboard Shop (Blackpool), DC Shoes, Orangatang Wheels and Sporting Sails all coming forward to sponsor me, and J&R Sports also flowing me Loaded bearings and a set of Paris trucks, but I’m still looking for more sponsors to boost the donations and help me raise autism awareness. People can follow my progress on the blog at where they can also sponsor me or make donations at They can also follow The Long Push 2012 on Facebook, @TheLongPush on Twitter or in the Skatefurther Forum.

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Elevate Awareness: Longboarding for Autism

Here is a great write up from what looks like a really successful trip in the USA. Blake and Daniel got inspired and skated the miles. Skatefurther.

Talk to Daniel and I 10 months ago, and we’d tell you doing a long distance longboarding trip was just a dream. Doing something that would impact our community was something that we would have liked to do, but never really expected to follow through on. Watching the LongTreks episodes had us inspired, until we realized we are merely 15 and 16 years old, and still had things like school, sports, and our parents to worry about.

Fast forward a couple months, and doing something for our community that no one else has, was all we could think about. With Autism being our main focus, we strived day in and day out to make the trip reality. We emailed every sponsorship company we could think of to get help, mapped every inch of the route from Stanford to UCLA, and spread the word to just about everyone we knew.

World Alive 2K2Cali

Here at Skatefurther we always love hearing about your skate trips and here is one that has grabbed our attention recently. Wyatt Welter and Gerold Gaches, the founders of the Not For Profit Organization World Alive are currently longboarding unsupported the 2000+  miles (3200+ km) from Whitewater, WI to Carslbad in CA. As well as a being a physical challenge, they are also aiming to raise … Continue reading World Alive 2K2Cali

Ask Jack.

In the distance skating world, Jack Smith is pretty much a legend. He has skated across the States an amazing 3 times, in 1976, 1984 and 2003. The 2003 ride across America was inspired by the death of his son, Jack Marshall Smith in May of 2003. Jack was born with Lowe Syndrome, a very rare genetic syndrome that effects only boys. So many skaters have … Continue reading Ask Jack.