The Skaatsplank Chronicles – 1000km for LIV

This August Chris White (22) from Exeter in the UK will be skating 1000km round The Netherlands, starting at The Hook of Holland and finishing in Amsterdam. Sleeping where he can, skating on roads, dodging cars and meeting cool people. With any luck he can team up with some of the Dutch distance skaters andContinue reading “The Skaatsplank Chronicles – 1000km for LIV”

Elevate Awareness: Longboarding for Autism

Here is a great write up from what looks like a really successful trip in the USA. Blake and Daniel got inspired and skated the miles. Skatefurther. Talk to Daniel and I 10 months ago, and we’d tell you doing a long distance longboarding trip was just a dream. Doing something that would impact our communityContinue reading “Elevate Awareness: Longboarding for Autism”