The Skaatsplank Chronicles – 1000km for LIV

This August Chris White (22) from Exeter in the UK will be skating 1000km round The Netherlands, starting at The Hook of Holland and finishing in Amsterdam. Sleeping where he can, skating on roads, dodging cars and meeting cool people. With any luck he can team up with some of the Dutch distance skaters and they can fight crime. Chris is doing this (aside from just because it’s frickin’ cool!) to help raise money and awareness for the South African charity LIV Village.

“Children are tomorrow’s future, so the manner in which they are raised will influence who they become. HIV/AIDS and poverty have resulted in many children being abandoned and orphaned. We want these children to grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within South Africa, our continent and indeed the world. If these children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills, they truly can live lives that influence and inspire significance and lasting impact.” 
– LIV Village

Chris tells us:
I started skating with my uncle’s old board from the 70s when I was 19, and mostly used it as a speedy way to get to college or town. I have never been one for ramps or tricks but I loved the ride and the exercise. As time went on I encountered the series ‘Long Treks on Skate Decks’ on Youtube and realised that traveling on a skateboard could be a serious thing, possible over big distances. I began to put together more distance orientated skateboard setups, Mindless Longboards being my favourite for decks. After a while I decided I wanted to do a bigger trip than the 20-30 mile ones I had been completing at the time so planned the 200 mile trip (which could be seen here).

I’ve now moved on to bigger distances now but am still skating for LIV. I have family in South Africa and am very much in love with that country so I want to try to make a difference there. After completing my last trip, visiting the Village in KwaZulu Natal and meeting the children I decided I had to do more, and 1000km is a nice round number!
I have always wanted to go to The Netherlands and there is a fairly large ultra-marathon skating scene there so it seemed like a natural choice. I am doing it totally self supported this time, no follow car. I will be living out of a tent and hostels, though I may have access to the odd sofa. The trip should take me a little under a month to complete; I could do it faster but I am going to film the experience and I want to see the country and meet some of the Dutch skaters if I can.

My endurance has improved a lot from when I first started skating, and as part of my training for this trip I managed to set a new personal best for distance in one day. We made a video out of it to help try to get some more interest and a few donations for the kids. 

I am doing the trip on a Mindless Velocity with Mindless Creeper wheels, Holey bushings, with attachments from Binary Precisions and using a Sk8pole. I am also being supported by the Boarding House in Exeter and UNREAL from South Africa. I would like to say a massive public thank you to all of these sponsors if possible, and encourage people to take a look at my JustGiving page and ask that they give what they can to help the kids that LIV looks after.

This is a cause worth pushing/pumping/attacking the ground with a stylish stick for. It’s going to be fun!”

Keep an eye on Chris’ facebook page for updates and once the trip is completed some videos of the chaos. 

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