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Here at Skatefurther we pride ourselves on getting the best reviews from the best people. Who better to ask for a review of his favourite truck than Andrew Andras – Ultraskate World Record holder.

When I got into distance skating I remember thinking a longboard truck is just a longboard truck, right? Reverse kingpin, some bushings, about 150 to 180mm in length. All the same! But as I started to log my miles and hone my craft, I soon realized that not all longboard trucks are created equal. Defiantly not all trucks are suited for your specific discipline. Sure any truck will do in the beginning, but as your start to spend time on your longboard you start to notice things that could make it better. This is about the time in your game that your setup starts to become an extension of your body. You become in tuned with one another, it speaks to you, you begin to listen. So like anyone who is on the path to master their respective sport, constant tinkering and product trials ensue. The hunt for the right feel and performance can becomes obsessive…

As I started into this phase of my riding I felt the deficiency in truck options I had as an LDP’er. I found that the downhill trucks worked well for pushing hard and keeping things stable as I sprinted a shorter race with one foot on the board and the other foot stretched up over my head ready to lay into another thrusting push. But as soon as I wanted to pump my setup in between the push, I realized downhill trucks were worthless to hold pump speeds. So I went the other way, and started using slalom style truck that pumped like a champ but were way to sloppy for pushing at 15 to 16mph with only one foot controlling. Nothing makes you feel more like a Kook than wobbling off in mid race while in the middle of a pack of good distance skaters. I know, it happens to the best of us but still… So that left me searching. Where was my perfect LDP push/pump truck?front-poppysp-2t

I was starting to feel frustrated about the lack of truck options out there for the distance skate community. I know we are a smaller segment of the longboard community but damn, no company can come up with something a little more specific for LDP? Just about that time a buddy sends me a link to a company I never heard of, Don’t–Trip Skateboard. Based out of Florida, I quickly study his trucks to see he had a full line of DH, Freeride, Slalom, and YES! LDP Trucks. What! Where in the world was this company hiding I thought to myself. So I contacted the owner Dan Furrer to get a feel for where this precision truck maker had suddenly materialized form.


Speaking to Dan, I found that he was in the CNC machining business for 25 + years. Originally from Switzerland, but now living in the States for some time and calling Florida home. Dan started out by machining some TKP trucks for his kids trick setups but quickly realized the longboard community was where his skills would be appreciated. So with his expertise and craftsmanship of metals, and some input from experienced skaters of different disciplines he dialed in his truck line up. And boy did he get it right!

I got my hands on a pair of his “Poppy” trucks, which were his LDP series. Aesthetically they were pleasing, nice shape and flow. The quality of the work put into them was also very noticeable, with cool shroom’s stamped into the metal and all. The trucks came with RipTide bushing right out the box, so no need to upgrade bushings as these bad boys came with the best bushing the market had to offer already! OK, they had my attention! But do they perform? I had never ridden trucks with a spherical bearing in the hanger and boy did my horizons broaden the first time I mounted the Poppys and rode. I found them to have effortless and precise turning properties while sidewalk surfing or at a full blast push! But the kicker was the pumping economy of this truck was just superb. I was amazed that a Reveres Kingpin truck could pump so freaking efficiently. There was no slop to be found in this truck, they rode stable yet responsive to my actions. I was blown away that day and have never looked elsewhere again.



One of the coolest things about Don’t-Trip is Dan’s ability to listen to feedback and customize his creations. He makes all his trucks in house at his shop and has the know-how and ability to change up his trucks by the needs of the consumer. You want light weight performance Poppys, he can do it. You want no spherical, he can do it. You want spherical bearings in the pivot cup, he can do it. Want it in your favorite anodized color, shorter, longer, guess what! He can do it.

So when your longboard starts speaking to you and you feel your game is ready for the upgrade, go check out the precision truck line up at, or hop on Facebook and LIKE Don’t-Trips page and chat with Dan personally. Excellent and personal customer service from a one man gang.

And as Dan would say “Don’t forget to change out your kingpin every now and then, kid.”

Thank you for your time

Andy “La Maquina” Andras


13 thoughts on “Review – Don’t Trip Poppy

  1. “I was blown away that day and have never looked elsewhere again.”

    Tssst tsst … there is a geek hidden in every Distance rider.
    Poppies are today ‘s “state of the art” – but remember to keep an eye on what else is available on the market.
    And if it is not available … have someone make your dreams come true !

    1. If its not avalible, make it happen, or make someone make it happen. We understand this feeling very much here in brazil….. since LDP is a very niche specific part of longboarding, and its parts are not easily found in you local skate shop in the corner even in the USA, imagine it in Brazil…. We have to use one of our best features: creativity, to come up with solutions on demand until we can find the PRO stuff. The first time I rode a pair of Poppys it blew my mind.

  2. Totally agreed. Since I got my Poppys I don’t look for another truck. Afeter some time we are, as you said, in tune, like an extension of my legs….

    “The hunt for the right feel and performance can becomes obsessive…” – We know exactelly what you mean…

    Great Review. Thanks

    Yuri Santos (

      1. Hey Nat, how could I send you an email? I got some very nice stuff about distance skating here in brazil to share. I think you gonna really like it.

      2. Cool! Sent you an email March 17th. Don’t know if it got flaged as SPAM. The subject of the email is “How LDP came to be in Brazil….”.
        There is a lot of text, but I think you’ll apreciate our unexpected accounts.

  3. fantastic trucks and great review…I remember my first time on Poppys and knew I needed some!

  4. Luckily the sell just a front Poppy too for people not wanting to invest 300 bucks in a full set. I love mine and just have a $20 Tracker on the back.

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