Icy Annecy push race report

Last Sunday many people flocked to the small alpine town of Annecy, France. For the most part it was for the 16th annual edition of the Venetian Carnival but for some it was the prospect of smooth asphalt, breathtaking views and the chance to race along an awesome stretch of bike path next to the lake.

For some this race was the first of the season and it was great to see such strong representation from La Familia of the nearby longboarding stronghold Grenoble. Thanks to them, Icy Annecy was the 2nd distance event to be held in the Alpes region this year after the successful Familia Winter Challenge : stage 2 in January.

The Icy Annecy push race was just shy of 20km (12 miles) with the best time being a storming 44 minutes:

1st: Alex Bangnoi (Paris)
2nd: Christopher Vallender (Lausanne) +45 secs
3rd: Thib (Grenoble) + 10 secs
4th: Jules (Grenoble) +30secs
5th: Gamby (Grenoble)
6th: Yann (Grenoble)

A big thanks goes out to Thib for organising the event and to the support/entertainment crew Paulo, Pauca et Gigi…

… great vibes and a great day. For more information about the event, click here. There were some great pictures taken of the event by Yann, some of which were used in this article and the remainder of which can be found here. Big up to him for doing a great job capturing the atmosphere of the event.

2 thoughts on “Icy Annecy push race report

  1. Thanks for the report Chris! It has been a beautiful sunday indeed. Next time, don’t forget to lace your shoes correctly ans then we’ll have a real fight! By the way why the hell are they so few girls in distance skateboarding? 😉

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