The Rabbit Race – 1st longboard only marathon in Europe

This coming weekend, on the 1st of October, the first longboard only marathon will be take place at 5pm (GMT+1) in Amsterdam (NL). Organised by the NLDSA/Amsterdam Slalom Skateboarding School, the race will take place in Sport Park Sloten.

Competitors will have to complete 18 laps of the park which according to organisers ranges from ‘ultra smooth’ to ‘smooth’. The weather forecast for the moment is good so this race has all the potential to be fast and riders are coming from France and Switzerland as well as from accross Holland to represent. For the moment there are 29 confirmed participants, with another 40 awaiting confirmation.

Some of you might be suprised that the first longboard marathon is taking place in Holland, which let’s face it is rather flat. You need to check out the Ultraskater rankings and count the number of Dutch in the top 15 to witness the dedication these guys have for distance skating!

For more information on the race, hit up the Facebook event page. We will be there and will report back with the results!

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