Welliez to the Cape

New Zealand. What is it about this country? Why do distance skaters want to skate it and why does it produce so many skaters who like going a long way?

Well the latest is Daniel Harrison. He is currently 3 days into a 20 day skate of New Zealand’s North Island. Skatefurther’s own New Zealand skater Nat has been in regular contact with the ‘Welliez to the Cape’ crew as they head north. They should be getting onto the Desert Road soon.

Nat says
The Desert Road was one of my favourite but brutal parts of NZ. The surface is shocking and the winds are horrendus. I’m kind of jealous.

We here are stoked that another trip is happening. You can keep up to date with the trip on the ‘Welliez to the Cape’ website, on the official facebook page or in the skatefurther forum.

Here’s some of the reasons why people want to skate New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Welliez to the Cape

  1. Hey Daniel is a young man who is full of endurance – has always been better at long distance than short distances so this kind of a test is right up his alley!
    4 Days completed now – 267kilometers down! One of Daniel’s support crew Shannon stated that “He is just a mean machine”! Way to go son!!! We are proud of you.

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