Toronto Boardmeeting 2010

Here at skatefurther we are very proud to be an active part of the longboarding scene the world over. If we are not at an event, we know someone who is.

Last weekend’s Boardmeeting in Toronto saw over 400 longboarders dressed in their finest take over the Canadian city. We had good friend of Skatefurther Tyler Edlinger (along with his bro Corey and DH world champion Dasha) on the ground pushing with the rest. Here is his write-up…

Record Turnout for the 9th Annual Toronto BOARDMEETING

The 9th Annual Toronto BOARDMEETING (2010) was certainly something to experience! Imagine: hundreds of people of all ages dressed in shirts and ties, among other formal wears, blasting down Yonge St., across Queen St., standing in droves in front of City Hall, and ending in a small park in the Kensington Market. Why? Put simply, to have fun!
There was an initial count of 427 in attendance, which rose to approximately 450 people when it was realized that, due to some confusion, not everyone was involved in the attendance count at Nathan Philips Square. A whopping number by any means, it dwarfs last year’s record of 317 people. All of this adding up to seemingly endless lines of longboarders both in front of and behind you, with thousands of fascinated and bewildered pedestrians and drivers looking on in awe.
One major highlight involved the masses taking a wrong turn and ended up moving in the opposite direction of a large religious parade on the other side of the road! Fortunately, neither event was disturbed, but it was clear that bystanders were simply confused!
There are, however, important effects of the Toronto Board Meeting that can be taken away: through its sheer size it helps to show the City of Toronto that longboarding is a serious sport and is a viable kind of transportation – something that is obvious to anyone who has ever longboarded. It also shows the thriving spirit of the community – locally and abroad – and that longboarders have the uncanny ability to get together without knowing one another and have an awesome time!

(picture kindly supplied by Vincenzo Pistritto of Pipe Dream Photography see more in his FB album)

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