Rider Profile – Adrian Oh ‘World on Board’

Another Rider Profile, this time from someone who has skated in more countries than most. Hi I am Adrian Oh, 32 from the tiny Island-nation of Singapore. As most of you may know me as World On Board, I travel around the world on my GBomb longboard, sponsored by GBomb. I have been skating since 2012, introduced by my Ex. I work as a special … Continue reading Rider Profile – Adrian Oh ‘World on Board’

Rider Profile – Lonneke van Kampen

Hello there, I’m Lonneke van Kampen, a female distance skater from the Netherlands. At the moment of writing I’m 22 years old and I’m longboarding for about 3 and a half years. After I started skating, I soon found out longdistance skating is amazing! After half a year I skated my first ultraskate, I died a little during that, but I managed to skate 100 … Continue reading Rider Profile – Lonneke van Kampen

Interview – Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa

In the next installment of our Rider Profiles, Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa lets us all know about himself and the art of Skog. Skogging is the life changing vision of skateboard + jogging invented by the late great Chris Yandall. Chris is my hero and mentor and I know he is skogging in heaven. As for me I’m a 42 soon to be 43 year old … Continue reading Interview – Steven ‘Skogger’ Meketa