Journey – Long Trek for St. Jude

Our man on the road Earl Stout III hung out with the boys from Long Trek for St. Jude boys and managed to ask then a few questions, as well as skating the day with them…

When did you start skating this trip?

June 1st.

And from where did you start?

Uncle Funkys board shop in the lower west side of Manhattan. Jeff Gaites is awesome!

Why are you guys skating 4,300 miles to San Diego?

To raise awareness and money for St Judes.

What motivated you to do this skate across the USA?

Darrians cousin was diagnosed with AML acute myelogenous leukemia before his first bday in 2011. Christopher dorian Mitchell did not make the fight to his second bday. He spent the last couple months at St Judes in Tennessee.

How has the skate been so far….?

Morgan n Darrian
Fantastic….besides getting stuck in the rain and getting lost twice in northern new jersey. Met a lot of cool people so far.
Got to reunited with Earl Stout III yesterday and met his lil brother Evan.  He helped us get out of the rain yesterday. We met Earl at chief ladiga silver comet skate challenge last year.
Shralpers union and Organic Hogwash have been a great help along with all our other sponsors. EARL has been a huge help.

Where are at the moment and where you headed to today?

Morrisville Pennsylvania at a private campground that Earl has a nice lil setup at. There is a huge lake with a great view from his spot.

We will be skating to Philadelphia and going to Community bikes and boards for a bbq. Rob Everitt loves having people come by the shop that are doing fund raising awareness treks.

When do you plan to be in San Diego by?

We plan to arrive in San Diego by August 20th.

You can hit up the boys and follow their progress on their facebook page. If you want to donate hit up

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