Journey – Skate To Escape.

Taken from the Skatefurther Forum.

On the 5th July 2013 myself (Lewis Taylor) & Andy Denness will be longboarding 143 Miles going from Newcastle-Upon Tyne to Barrow-In-Furness.

We are expecting it to take us 5 days averaging out at 30 miles per day.
Scotty, a friend will be driving his classic mini, Rio to be our support car & will carry our overnight camping equipment with cameras, food, water & tools/spares.

Armed with 3 camera’s we’re going to make it into a good watch! :D

We have been skateboarding for about 22 years between the two of us, and longboarding about 8 years between us.
We decided it was about time we did something epic.

If you would like more detail or to follow us & our progress then get on our Skate To Escape Facebook page.

We are using the opportunity to raise money for Alice’s Escapes charity.

If you have an upcoming trip that you’d like others to know about, hit up the forum or drop us a line.


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