Event – Long Treks Morocco Episode 5: Losing our minds to Zagora

After accomplishing the highest mountain pass in Morocco on skateboard, the three are graced with a wonderful tailwind and smooth pavement to the small city of Ourzazate. Strapping on Sporting Sails for the evening and catching magical tailwinds does not foreshadow what Adam, Paul, and Aaron are about to encounter. Skating the Vallee Du Draa to its dead end in the Saharan Dunes turns out the be the worst decision made on the trip (for the knees and mind). The bakery is closed for these three fools who skate through the most beautiful scenery, yet the worst pavement Morocco has to offer. Crushing the next pass, ”Tizzi-N-Tinififft” paved at 1660 meters, they bomb down to Agdz with their Sporting Sails as their DH speed control to be greeted by the gorgeous mountain peak Djebel Kissane. Agdz is the beginning of Vallee Du Draa, through which the longest river in Morocco flows beside luscious dense Palm trees and Mosques decorating every town.

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