Morro Bay Mile.

Last weekend saw an assault upon the mile record, previously 4.03. The Morrow Bay Mile Skateboard Push Race had big money being put down by sponsors for the winners. Marc Juvianll smashed the previous record and has set the bar high for future push races.

I could barely believe I won once it was all over, i saw the time and was blown away, it didnt seem real… but that all was gone once Adrenilina handed me a mic and wanted an interview, it all sunk it real fast that I had just set the bar and people would be after my mile time really soon.

He was riding a custom Subsonic Raven with flipped bear 852s with 77mm Seismic Hotpots 77a orange in front 80a blue in back. Marc did a rad write-up for skatefurther and you can read it all on the Morro Bay Mile forum thread. Race organiser, Jack Smith, also gave Skatefurther his views of the event. You can read them here.

Full results are up on The Skateboarder’s Journal.

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