Skateventure interview by Adam Colton.

Adam Colton, the man behind many a long distance trip has interviewed Troy and Huw for the Loaded website. We get a good mention as does Skatefurther’s very own Nat, Jim Petersson and distance record holder Rob Thomson.

Heres a bit

If you were to encourage others to get into distance skating what is the simplest way to get out on the road traveling… what are the basic steps needed to make it happen?

Pick a place or country to skate that interests you, that way it will be more a holiday as well as a distance skate. Research is also a must. Find out basic things like laws regarding skating, check out the climate and also see if food and water is readily available. You need to know what you are up against. Speaking to an experienced skater is crucial, so have a look on

Check out the full interview on loaded’s page.

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