UK and Holland will represent at the Paris Ultraskate!

A little while ago, we brought you news of the Paris Ultraskate which will be taking place this coming weekend. It turns out that Romain Bessière won’t be the only ‘distance ronin’ to make an appearance as it has been confirmed that a car-load the best Dutch ultraskaters will also joining the party.

Jochem Boer, Jesse Beau (top) and Paul Brunninkhuis’s arrival mean that 4 out of 15 of the top ranking Ultraskaters will be present on Saturday.

Additionally, it has just been confirmed that Tim Pritchard, who has recently launched a line of footstops under the name Pritchard Skate Designs will also be making the trip over to Paris from the UK to attend the event.  At the 2010 Goodwood Roller Marathon, Tim pumped his way around the track in an impressive 1:58:09, the fastest LDP time recorded at the Goodwood circuit to date.

This will be his first 24h ultra event – let’s wait and see what he pulls out the bag!

3 thoughts on “UK and Holland will represent at the Paris Ultraskate!

  1. Not sure if I’ll be pulling anything out the bag! Just some fun with some friends I think!

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