Go big or stay home.

Laura Hatwell, our pocket dynamo of distance has gone and decided to move. Quite a bit of a move.

In just a few weeks she will be boarding a plane and heading south to New Zealand. I’ll let her explain the rest (taken from Hatter’s blog)

Initially, I will be living, working and skating in the small and beautiful art deco town of Napier, on the North Island, with my good friends Amy “Stoke” London and Tina “Tina” Martinez (who edited the recent longboard hit video “Make Me Wet” – check her out on my blog!). We’ll also be hooking up with lovely Dasha Kornienko to help bring women’s longboarding to the masses, and the era of the Lady Skate House will begin. You’ll be able to follow our exploits here, and yes, there will be many.

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