Longtreks Episode 10

Our good friends Adam, Aaron and Paul keep pumping out amazing videos of their Longtreks trip across South America. Here is episode 10.

These gringos push into real trouble, after a night-long torrential downpour they wake up to a 15km ascent into Abancay. It is steep and the locals harass them into a fury resulting in Paul nearly murdering a dog and Aaron suffering from a cramp in his butt. 3 mountain passes are conquered before Cuzco and some terribly dangerous downhills. Cuzco is a major landmark city in the journey, and in triumph they throw water balloons at anything that moves. After Adam nearly getting beaten up and arrested for throwing water balloons at a man on steroids (not caught on film), they leave Cuzco only to find themselves lost and trespassing on Cuzco’s airport landing strip. Enjoy!

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