Congratulations to NYC Push Culture on a sealed deal in Florida!   2010 = Long distance EXPLOSION. It’s addictive, it keeps you healthy, and it’s on a flippin’ skateboard, don’t even get us started on how awesome today has been! Skate Further hosted a day long Skype conference (first hosted by Rob Thomson over in Japan, then hosted by us here in the UK) with participants from Japan, New Zealand the UK and USA and France. Our community is strong, our hopes are high. This is just the beginning.

Here are the final results from the race:

1. Jeff Vyian 1:40:58

2. Theseus Williams 1:43:11

3. Andrei Bublikov 1:44:41

4. Mark Schaperow 1:45:13

5. Robin McGuirk 1:46:36

6. Kiefer Dixon 1:46:42

7. Matt Elver 1:47:00

8. Kaspar Spurgeon-Heinrici 1:47:28

9. Evan Armbrister 1:48:17

10. Soloman Lang 1:49:36

And some unofficial times in from our friends at Push Culture:

11. Paul Kent 1:52:45

12. Conan Gay :1:53:39

13. Greg Fiess 1:53:59

14. Alexander Bangnoi 1:54:56

15. Thrysean Goods jr 1:55:18

16. John Streeber 1:55:19

17. Richard Howell 1:57:38

18. Mason Mcnay 1:57:48

19. James Peters 1:57:53

20. Andrew Andras 1:58:33


1. Sara Paulshock 2:12:24

2. Melanie Castro 2:28:31

3. Marybeth Mchugh 2:29:30

Two new World Records. Oh yes.


  1. Does anyone have the details on who pushed and who pumped? I hear on the pump grape vine that Jeff, the winner, did it LDP!!! Amazing!

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