Canberra or Bust

Skatefurther Forum members Trav and Haggy from over on ASRA (Australian Skateboard Racing Association) have been on a trip! 4 days, rough roads and good times, heres what Trav had to say about it.

So… people have been asking. How was your skate trip to Canberra? Was it fun? Was it horrible?

And, depending on my mood at any particular time, I have replied in any number of ways:
– It was awesome. – It sucked rotten eggs. – I felt like a superhero
– Next time I’m doing it on a motorised skateboard.
– There’s nothing like the sensation of a semi-trailer passing you going 120k at 8am to wake you up.
– It was great except I had to listen to Trav’s detailed account of his crotch chafing for three days.
– Next time I’m doing it with a girl – she’ll look better than Trav from behind.
– There will be no next time.

In any case, here is a little rundown of our four days on the road – adventures, misadventures… when you’re on the road you pack a lot of life into one day. It was a reminder of how life ought to be lived. And for that alone, the trip was well worth it.

You can read thew whole write up and view pictures over on the ASRA page. Check out Trav’s rig – talk about low!!

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