Skateventure: South-East Asia

As well as Last weekend’s Goodwood in the UK, another push race was happening in NZ. In slightly different circumstances! This event was organised by Skatefurther’s own Nat. 19 skaters, 10km and the worst skating conditions ever.

However it also introduced us to another upcoming trip. Skateventure. Here’s Troy…

Hi my names Troy and I’ve been longboarding for a few years now and I love it; I skate every day, rain or shine (ceramic bearings are awesome!). I finish my University degree at the end of the year and I have decided to do something amazing in the first summer of my life as a free man; In January 2011 my mate Huw and I are longboarding across South East Asia, we begin our journey at the border of Thailand and Myanmar and 3200km and 60days later we will arrive in Singapore city. Some of these roads have never been skated before so it will be awesome being the first skaters to conquer Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in one journey. We expect to face many challenges on our trip – 35 degree heat, gruelling uphill climbs, long winding hills, dodgy roads, wild tigers, roadside food, monsoons…. we will enjoy every single challenge, bring it on.

I would like to thank Jim Peterssen and Rob Thompson (couldn’t agree more! – nat) for the advice they have given me. Jim managed to raise around $5000 on his journey for the Childhood Cancer Foundation in Sweden; I feel that is an awesome cause and I would like to do the same for the equivalent Charity in New Zealand, Canteen. My website will be updated shortly with a fund for Canteen and it will be awesome to see how much we can raise. This journey is being made possible with the help of our top quality sponsors Pulse Boards, Seismic Skate Systems and Stoked Skateboards, your help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers for your support, follow us on our website and on our facebook page

Troy and Huw

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