Goodwood 2010: Pushfest!

In what can only be described as an amazing day, members of the Skate Further forum and tonnes of new longboarding friends joined over 700 inliners and quad skaters to take Goodwood by storm. Every skateboard finished, everyone who took part did extremely well for themselves.

In a repeat of last year’s podiums, Matt Elver took the men’s top spot with a time of 1 hour 42 mins – another world record! Skate Further’s Laura managed to take 1st in the women’s race (30 seconds outside record time) despite looking a bit peaky for a few laps there, and Mr Tom Parker, of Wales, took himself a place on the Junior’s podium with a 2 hour 2 mins time – actually beating inliners! All in all a wonderful time, we are indebted to the organisers yet again, follow the post-event buzz on the forum here.

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